Hong Kong Local Payment Guides

The store accepts some of the local payment methods such as Octopus, PayMe, AlipayHK and Fast Payment System (FPS) in Hong Kong. For details please refer to following guides or contact us.

  1. Select the item you love to buy from our web store (https://gladgetz.com)
  2. Select the options (e.g. color) if any.
  3. Contact us by either email (support@gladgetz.com) or WhatsApp (67016872) with the following information:
    • Your email
    • Name of receiver in English
    • Contact phone number of receiver
    • Delivery address in English
    • Product name (e.g. “24 Sports Professional Outdoor Smartwatch”)
    • Options (if any)
    • Your payment record (e.g. screen capture) by Octopus, PayMe, AlipayHK or FPS
  4. When we receive the above information, we will send out email to you to confirm your order.

Payment MethodGuides
Octopus App
(Consumption Voucher is Accepted)
Open Octopus App and scan this QR code:

Fast Payment System
Enter FPS number: 162463921
PayMe_App Open PayMe App and scan this QR code:

AlipayHK Open AliPayHK App and scan this QR code:


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